Global High School Network:

Who we are:

Acclaim Global Education Pvt. Ltd. (AGE) in partnership with Star Tech Group, Inc. USA (STG) is pleased to announce launching of "Global High School Network" designed to bring world class teaching to every classroom in India, regardless of their location and affordability. The only qualification is for the school founder has to have a vision, principal with highest work ethic, teachers with a passion to make a difference & students hungry for knowledge, eager to participate & demonstrate results.

What are we doing:

Students in India can be considered to be amongst the brightest in the world. Only a small percentage of our students get to taste real success in their careers because few families can afford to send their children to study abroad for higher education. Those who are not able to go abroad, never get a chance to experience learning from a foreign teacher. We are going to change that.


We strengthen schools in India by connecting them with schools in Texas and offer LIVE classes from some of the best teachers in Texas for students in high schools in India. We have been doing this in our pilot program (Phase I) with some schools in Hyderabad and have had phenomenal success to date. We are looking to add selective, high quality schools to partner with us in Phase II.

What are we looking for:

AGE is looking for strategic partnerships with high quality schools. Strategic partner is expected to have the following capabilities & commitment:

  • Well established school with a track record of excellence for a minimum of five years.
  • Teaching in English medium and a demonstrated record of recruiting & retaining high quality teachers.
  • Have the technical capability to handle high bandwidth video classes/ class rooms.
  • Ability to establish partnership with AGE in a professional manner and work in an ethical manner.

Our Commitment:

To our strategic partners, we deliver Global High School Network capabilities to organize and deliver high quality online, video classes from USA. Cutting edge technology platform assists not only for LIVE classes, but also to manage the student’s homework, tests and assignments.

Subject Focus:

We have successfully implemented one "Oral Interpretation" course for four sites with 120 students participating in our live classes from four locations in Hyderabad. "Oral Interpretation" is a sixteen week program that focuses on communication improvement for high school students. Following our success with one such class, we are prepared to offer additional courses and classes including Forensic Sciences, History & English Literature classes.

Cost & Customer Focus:

Rs. 1000 per month per student with no more than 30 students per section and no more than 3 sections from each school partner.

Contact Us:

To request an appointment for one of our team members to setup an initial call with our Chief Executive Officer followed by an online demonstration of the class.

Advance Nurse Training Program:

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the introduction of the “Advance Nurse Training Program” that is truly one of a kind service in India.

Our Experience:

We are pleased to bring over 24 years of healthcare & cutting-edge technology experience from The United States of America to nursing students & hospital nurses across India.

Our Mission:

Supporting existing educations institutions to strengthen nursing students to excel in clinical & management skills at their place of work with a focused advance nurse training program.

Our Vision:

In partnership with existing nursing colleges & corporate hospitals, “Global Online” is dedicated to bring the best nursing teachers online from USA to the class rooms in India.

Our commitment:

: Instead of students having to travel overseas to study & gain experience that can be very costly, our commitment is to bring that experience to the class rooms in your institution.

Our Strategy:

: Instead of competition with nursing colleges, our strategy is to partner with nursing colleges & hospitals to make your nurses prepared for the real world of patient management.

What is the focus:

:Taking one disease at a time, your students or employees will be taught disease specific protocols, processes, communication & management to comply with USA based healthcare standards. Your student/employee success is your success. Your institution success is our success.

When are we starting:

:We are starting Month of September with our first batch of 25 students. Classes will be held in our Cyber Towers office and enrollment is first come basis. No exceptions.

How long is the program:

:Initial program is scheduled for 30 days with a daily class, Monday to Saturday. Class time to be confirmed soon.