Focused Tutoring Services (FTS) - Tutoring High School Students in USA:

January 2014:

Acclaim Education was launched in USA based high schools to make it easy for parents to get involved in their children's education. Acclaim education platform celebrates student's success and also makes it easy for the teacher to identify each student's strength and weakness. To improve student's performance, additional teaching resources are needed in the school districts in USA to support underperforming students. Acclaim team has designed, developed and implemented "Acclaim Focused Tutoring" (AFT) services. AFT uses the problems identified and documented by the class room teacher on Acclaim education platform specific to each student. Students with common learning priorities are grouped into compatible learning cohorts and online tutoring services are provided to students across the State of Texas. (

India is known very well for high quality professionals working in USA as physicians, engineers and other professional work environments. Teaching capabilities of teachers from India has never made news . Acclaim Education in USA noticed that teachers from India are very strong in subject skills and need some assistance with communication skills in addition to cultural ability to connect to students in USA. STG "Global High School Network" provides an excellent opportunity for teachers in India to get familiar with all the nuances of a high quality teacher. Leveraging this cross connection, STG has launched Acclaim Focused Tutoring Services for students in USA.

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Teacher Recruitment for High Schools in USA:

Independent school districts (ISD) are the public schools that provide high quality education to majority of the students K-12. There has been a significant increased emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) subjects to strengthen the students, especially in the middle school and high school. ISD across USA are facing a severe shortage of teachers qualified to teach mathematics and science subjects. Acclaim Ecosystem is designed to offer a comprehensive solution to the schools in USA. STG in partnership with AGE has established relationships with the ISD across Texas to identify qualified candidates to work in USA full time. Creating a continuous & meaningful pathway for our most successful tutors as full time teachers in USA is the next logical step. Tutors who work with AGE/STG will have the opportunity to demonstrate critical skills that are essential to succeed as a teacher in the USA. In partnership with school districts in USA, Acclaim Global Education (AGE) developed "acclaim ecosystem" that is comprehensive in its ability to provide a strategic pathway for school districts across USA.

In our teacher recruitment service model, qualified and proven math and science teachers with a minimum of Masters in Mathematics or Science degree in addition to Education degrees and three years of teaching experience are screened, selected, oriented, trained and offered teaching positions with school districts in USA.

Essential qualities required from each individual applicant: We are looking for individuals who are mission driven, passionate in their interest to teach and with a high level of integrity that is demonstrated in all actions. Individuals with these skills will succeed anywhere in the world. What we do is present an unique opportunity for high quality teachers to be part of a "Global High School Network" that is a first of a kind. Welcome to a truly intuitive and intelligent model that is committed to make a difference for every student with every teacher.

Work permit details: Initial interview will be conducted by AGE/STG senior management. Round two of the interview process will be scheduled with the human resource department of the school district. On successfully passing these initial two interviews (live/video), selected candidates will be interviewed by a principal or teacher from the campus where the teaching positions are available.

Qualified candidates will be offered a job with a one year contract that is renewed annually for three years contingent to the teacher meeting performance expectations of the ISD. Candidate will be processed for a H1B by the ISD. Candidates paperwork, communication & scheduling will be done by AGE/STG team. On arrival on-site, candidates will be supported with local organization to get familiar with accommodations & environment. Candidate has to bear all travel and accommodation expenses. Candidates are also required to arrive in USA with a minimum of two months of expenses covered as it takes 60 days to process all paperwork and paychecks are issued. Pay is equivalent to any teacher hired in USA and is based on the candidate's qualifications.

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