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Star Care Health Services

1997: Star Care Health Services (SCHS) excelled in providing health care services in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico with over 300 employees. (www.starcareonline.com)

2008: SCHS team designed, developed and implemented "Star Health Card" that was recognized by Microsoft as a "Healthvault" partner. Star Health Card was based on the premise that adults with health insurance coverage should be using their "wellness" benefits that is paid by insurance 100%. Despite this coverage, SCHS team noticed that less than 5% of the adults take advantage of the wellness coverage of their insurance with regular, annual wellness check-ups. (www.starhealthcard.com).

2009: Customer preferences matter. Only an out-of-box solution will break through to make an impact. Taking a cue from implementation of "seat belt safety" that was promoted in schools with great success, SCHS team redesigned the pathway to family wellness. STG team determined that the pathway to wellness & preventive care for the family does not start with the adults, but with the children. Educating children on seat belt safety lead to significant improvement in compliance of not only the children, but also within the adult population. Increased compliance was credited to children repeatedly pestering their parents to click on their seat belts from the back seat.

Global Info Systems

Established in 1997 in USA (Texas) & Hyderabad (India) Global Info System evolved into a company that was fortunate to bring together some of the best professionals together to deliver a truly best in class, quality and professionalism in transcription services to over 3000 physicians across 22 states in USA made the statement that a truly integrated global model serves the best interest of the customers and also the aspirations of our team that made it all happen. Global Info Systems has been acquired by another service provider in 2013.

Star Tech Group of Companies

2013: Every company starts with an idea. Star Tech Group (STG) started in the USA with the idea of promoting preventive and wellness services leveraging technology and making it easy for families. STG technical team delivered a true consumer centric/friendly model. STG team redesigned the 'Star Health Card / Star PHR" to be all screen (mobile, I Pad, Laptop & Desktop) service named "Acclaim Health". (www.startechgroup.com).  A second insight that STG team gained during the early part of 2009 was that educated families tend to have better understanding of the value of good health. STG team noted that a significant number of low income and middle class families did not emphasize education or healthy lifestyles due to various demands on their time. STG team developed a theme of "making education, healthcare and careers easy for low income and middle class families" in USA. This is the basis for Acclaim Platform that laid the foundation for Acclaim Ecosystem. (www.acclaimplatform.com)

2008-09: STG launched "Star Care Health Network" in India to bring high quality healthcare services to existing hospitals and nursing homes to improve their services (www.starcareindia.com).

2014: Phase II of STG plan is to bring high quality education, career and self-employment (entrepreneurial) skills to all aspiring citizens of India. (www.acclaimglobal.net).


  • 1st June, 2008 : Star Care group launches ‘MyScoreIndia’ platform.
  • 15th Jan, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Health Network’ in India.
  • 1st March, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Prescription Management’ service.
  • 1st June, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Preventive & Wellness’ services.
  • 1st June, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Hospital Management’ services.