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Welcome to Acclaim Global Education Pvt ltd.

• Our mission: Strengthen individuals & institutions facilitating best in class education, health & careers, worldwide!

• Our Vision: Acclaim ecosystem makes it easy for families access to world-class education, healthcare & careers.

• Our inspiration: Rabindranath Tagore's "Where the mind is without fear & William Ernest Henley's "Invictus".

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Star Care Health Services 1997: Star Care Health Services (SCHS) excelled in providing health care services in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico with over 300 employees. (www.starcareonline.com) 2008: SCHS team designed, developed and implemented "Star Health Card" that was recognized by Microsoft as a "Healthvault" partner. Star Health Card was based on the premise that adults with

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1st June, 2008 : Star Care group launches ‘MyScoreIndia’ platform. 15th Jan, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Health Network’ in India. 1st March, 2009 : Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Prescription Management’ service. 1st June, 2009 :Star Care group launches ‘Star Care Preventive & Wellness’ services. 1st June, 2009 :Star Care group launches ‘Star Care



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    Acclaim Global Education Pvt. Ltd. (AGE) in partnership with Star Tech Group, Inc. USA (STG) is pleased to announce launching of "Global High School Network" designed to bring world class teaching to every [...]

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    Online Personal Health Records: Designed in consultation with some of the best physicians in USA. Acclaim PHR makes it easy for the consumer to maintain all of their health records on [...]

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    January 2014: Acclaim Education was launched in USA based high schools to make it easy for parents to get involved in their children's education. Acclaim education platform celebrates [...]

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    Franchise Concept - Origin: Even as AGE was conducting classes for B.Sc Nursing Students, there were many students who expressed a high level of interest in returning to their [...]


Acclaim Global Education Pvt ltd.

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Why Acclaim?

Parents today had the luxury as children to be a part of a much slower paced world, where families celebrated many small achievements by giving confidence & strength to step up to the next level. The world of today is moving, changing, connecting, and reconnecting at a much more rapid pace. In the era of mobile & social media dominated relationships, Star Tech’s mission is to leverage technology to serve a purpose. That purpose is to reinforce the positive, build on small successes...   Read More

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